Biblical Resources



Sometimes the Bible can be daunting. It’s big, it’s old and a lot of folks just don’t like to read anymore (you should still read it!!). It is often hard for us to understand how the Bible works together as a bigger story. Here are some wonderful videos that walk through whole books of the bible and major biblical themes. These can be used as helpful additions to personal reading, group studies and just for a better grasp of how the 66 books of the bible work together to tell a Story about God’s love and redemption for a rebellious creation. Here is a sample video for you, the beginning of Matthew…

For more book and theme videos visit – As they are a nonprofit, feel free to help them out with a donation if you feel led. 


Not sure where to get started? Well if you are brand new to following Jesus, I would start with Jesus! Start with reading one of the four Gospels, either Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.
Or are you looking for some practical ways to read through the Bible in 12 months? Well here are some great reading plans from “Bible Gateway” to help you move through that journey and stay on track!
Bible Gateway Reading Plans


Here are some additional resources for your own personal studies. – Learn about specific words, learn the Hebrew or Greek meanings and root words. Read and compare different biblical translations and search through commentaries.
ESV Study Bible – This is an English Standard Version Bible (a more literal translation than most) chock full of notes, commentary, maps, timelines  and theological articles all in one resource. It is a great tool for deeper study on your own.


Over the last few years we have gone through several books, whether it has inspired a sermon series or it was studied in a small group, here are some books that have been influential in our community. 
The Art of Neighboring
Knowledge of the Holy
Pursuit of God
Mere Christianity 
The Way of Discipleship