Gospel of Jesus

We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is of the utmost importance. It is the basis for our redemption, our transformation, and our mission into the world. It is central to our teaching, our community, our church life, and our individual life. We believe that the Gospel is not just a basic belief of Christianity that we move on from once we are saved but that it is an integral part to the daily life as followers of Jesus. It is a lot like the air we breathe –  fundamental, and the first thing we learn to do in our new life but we never move on from it and it is a daily necessity. The truth of the Gospel permeates all aspect of our life – affecting our identity, our value, how we relate with God, with others and our mission in a broken world. We are a Gospel centered Church!

If you are new to following Jesus, and want to walk through exactly what this “good news” of Jesus really is or if you have been following Him since your childhood (we all need a reminder, right?) keep reading below.

Gospel Graphic

A helpful way to look at the Gospel is in the form of a narrative, and we can section that narrative into 4 acts, almost like a play.  We think a proper understanding of the Gospel has to go from beginning to end of God’s word, starting in Genesis with creation and all the way to Revelation with a glimpse of creation restored! The Gospel of Jesus Christ addresses our true identity, the problem of sin and brokenness, our beautiful redemption as a gift from God and the future restoration of all things! 

Creation (Our Identity) – It is important to start at the beginning to know our identity. Genesis 1 & 2 describe the creation of all things. God created mankind, and He did so with purpose and declared His creation good. Humanity (man and woman) were created in God’s image, not just for bragging rights among the animals but for the sake of relationship and to be representatives of God. We were created to care for God’s new creation and to be in loving relationship with God, with each other, and with all that He created. From God’s mouth to the pages of scripture this creation was “GOOD!”

Fall (Our Problem) It only takes one chapter in the narrative of Genesis for this good creation to be corrupted. Adam and Eve are enticed by the prospect of becoming like God, becoming their own gods, and in an episode of deep pride they rebel against God, rejecting the right relationship they had with Him and ultimately opening the floodgates of sin to pour into God’s good world – quickly staining this world with sin, brokenness, murder, greed, pride, injustice, and deep relational discord between us and God, each other and even creation as a whole. Not only do we see the reality of the fall in the world on a massive scale with greed, poverty, racism, systematic injustice and death and disease but if we are honest and self-aware we see it lurking in our own hearts in the form of pride, greed, hatred, lust, indifference to suffering. This sin and rebellion separates us from a relationship with God, both now and an eternal separation in a literal place of torment called “hell.” The story throughout the Old Testament, including the law, sacrificial system and purity laws are meant to illuminate our condition and emphasize our need for a redemption outside of ourselves. 

Redemption (God’s Solution) – In the midst of this world full of sin, corruption and blatant rebellion God chooses to do something in the world to fundamentally shift it. He sends His son Jesus as the redeemer of the world. Driven by sacrificial love for His creation, Jesus lives the life we were incapable of and dies the death on a cross that our sin and rebellion has earned. He does all of this so that what was lost could be brought back, so that humanity might be restored back to God in relationship. This redemption goes beyond the atonement of sin – because we become more than “pardoned criminals” but we become accepted and adopted sons and daughters of God, to the point where we get to approach God as our heavenly Father. Scripture tells us that this redemption is found for anyone who trusts that Jesus is the one and only source of God’s saving grace. 

Restoration (Our Future Hope) – One interesting part about the story of God is that the ending is already written. But unlike most stories, knowing the ending doesn’t ruin it. It is what gives us our future hope! We know from the words of John in the book of Revelation that Jesus will return and make all things right. He will restore all that is broken.  He will bring justice to unjust.  He will wipe away all tears.  He will heal all sickness and He will create a new place for God’s new family to live in right relationship with Him, with each other, and with creation for eternity (sound familiar?) From the beginning God has desired to create a space for us to be in loving relationship with Him and each other and throughout scripture we see that God’s mission is to restore what was lost from the Fall.