We are humbly seeking to be a community that is Gospel shaped, Kingdom minded and Mission Focused. 

GOSPEL SHAPED – We desire to be a people that are shaped by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our means of salvation, atonement, and transformation. The Gospel tells us that though we were once enemies of God we are offered reconciliation to Him through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus making us more than pardoned criminals but actually adopted sons and daughters of God! By the grace of God we are now his beloved children!  Instead of obedience for the sake of God’s acceptance, we are wholly loved and accepted in Christ and now live in loving obedience. This is a complete shift in how we view God, ourselves, others and a broken world.  We desire the truth of the gospel to permeate our lives so that it shapes our identity, our actions, our hearts, our purpose and every facet of life.

In order to be shaped by the gospel our lives must be saturated in it, so we must preach the good news of Jesus to ourselves and to those around us daily.

KINGDOM MINDED – What is God’s Kingdom? In its simplest terms the Kingdom of God is God’s future earthly rule and reign over his people. When the resurrected Lord left this earth, and ascended to sit at the right hand of God, He promised to return and inaugurate the Kingdom that was rejected at His first advent.  At Christ’s first coming, He was crowned with thorns; at His return He will be crowned the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and usher in a perfect Kingdom of peace, righteousness, and justice on earth.  When we have an understanding of God’s Kingdom we can then live a life that is eagerly anticipating that glorious day when He makes all things fully and finally new.  When we are Kingdom minded, we do our best to live a life that foreshadows and represents God’s Kingdom on earth.

It is a posture that seeks God’s kingdom in all things over striving to build our own.

MISSION FOCUSED – The pages of scripture reveal a mission that God has for His broken and rebellious creation and that mission is the restoration of this broken world. We see it from cover to cover and the climax is in the sending of His son Jesus for the redemption of our sin – and we see the completion of His mission in His second coming to make all things right. As God’s people He actually calls us to participate in this mission with Him through his Spirit. We are called to preach the Gospel, make disciples and bear witness to His Kingdom as we love and care for others. As His church we are on mission with God into a broken world that desperately needs the grace and redemption, and restoration found in Jesus Christ.

We do not come in judgment or pride but in a posture of humble and broken beggars
who finally found living bread