What we Value


 Values: We value…

  • The Gospel We must consistently preach the Gospel to ourselves and to each other so that we may be a community rooted in and shaped by the story of Jesus Christ. What God did in and through Jesus to reconcile humanity back to himself is the basis for our restored identity, our gracious salvation, and our mission into a world that desperately needs Jesus (Romans 1:16).  So we seek to center our life and ministry on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share it with others casually, confidently, and correctly wherever we go.

  • His Kingdom We desire to be signposts pointing to God’s beautiful Kingdom that will be inaugurated one day at the return of Christ (Acts 1:10-11). As we eagerly await His return, we desire to understand and live out the ways of God’s Kingdom as His people. One of the roles of God’s people is to make God and His Kingdom tangibly known by sharing the Good News of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection (the Gospel).

  • CommunityCommunity is a gift but Scripture is also clear that it is a necessity (1 Corinthians 12:21).  If we take seriously the purposes and role that God has for us in our world, we will quickly find that we need each other. We believe that Jesus’ church must reclaim its communal intention to be God’s people together. We often only focus on what we are saved from and not what we are wonderfully saved into: God’s church which is a community gathered by and under the Gospel. So we seek to live out rhythms of community that draw us closer to each other and God, and give us a greater love for others.

  • Our NeighborsWe want to take Jesus’ call to love our neighbors seriously (Mark 12:31.) We want to be a blessing to our neighbors and town in order that God would be known and glorified through the way we live and interact with our surrounding community. This means we seek to pray for our neighborhoods, know our neighbors, love our neighbors, and bless our neighbors in tangible ways.

  • Restoration –   We eagerly await to hear God say “I have made all things new!” (Rev. 21:5).  In the meantime we desire to see God make people and things new in the here and now, so we choose to partner with him in his work of restoration. God desires to use his church for the purposes of restoration and renewal in our neighborhoods, towns and cities. That means we seek to reconcile relationships, forgive others, seek justice, seek healing and ultimately join God as he makes broken, sinful things new.

  • MultiplicationWe believe there is no such thing as an “unsent” disciple, so we seek to be a part of a discipleship movement. Although it may be halfway across the world, our workplace, or our own neighborhood we believe all disciples are sent by Jesus to make disciples of Him. (Matthew 28:18-20).  As we follow Christ we want to reproduce the life and ways of Jesus in the lives of those around us through sharing the Gospel first, and then helping new believers become fully devoted followers of Jesus.